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Friday, February 11, 2011


Did I write about sprouted flour?
You know with the grains you eat they should be soaked beforehand. It is even better if you can leave them to sprout a little bit sometimes.
But how about flour. the flour you get already milled from stores are not soaked before. and are they even washed? You can't be too sensitive to that all the time but if you can mill your flour you can do all that.
Though it does take a bit of an effort so I usually use my sprouted flour for pancakes and buscuites etc. when I make sourdough bread, which will be left to ferment anyway, I choose to use an easier option.

sprouted and dried kamut grain

quickly milled in vitamix

I usually keep the flour in the freezer for maximum freshness.

Other thing that is worth doing is drying vegetables. You can almost dry everything. cabbage, daikon (my favourite), carrot, mushrooms, zucchinis... The umami, its flavour becomes concentrated and it is good when you need a bit of fridge clean up!
I do have a dehydrater but why waste all that energy if there is free sunshine! I also think the sun gives the vegetable all that positive energy as well.

daikon and sweet potato (I love these red variety ...sweeter than orange one. )

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