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Monday, February 7, 2011

more sweets...

Now that the weather is warmer I am making more sweet things.
I don't usually like to have sweet bakings (even though I do enjoy making them) these are some of many I baked over the holiday.
At Foe, we usually get our sweets from vegan organic bakery but because they had a holiday (even though Foe cafe didn't!) I made a few cakes and brownies when they were off.

more occasional desserts for me and my daughter are something that are not so drying,
creamy seasonal fruits with kudzu,
kanten jelly
and on these really hot days
smoothies and fruit icecream.

Our ice cream is so easy and flexible.
it could be made of just frozen bananas creamed just before serving. Or If I feel like it I make it with nuts, tofu or non-dairy milk.
left over smoothies can be frozen and eaten as frozen pops too.

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