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Sunday, February 27, 2011

natural strawberry yeast

Strawberry yeast can be made so easily and the use is so versatile.
It is made by crushing the strawberry (make sure they are organic. Berry fruits absorb the petricides and other chemicals the most), and letting them ferment till they are sour and a bit bubbly.

First I made strawberry soy yoghurt with my home made soy milk.

the yoghurt was served with pumpkin cake with sprouted kamut.
I sometimes freeze the yoghurt in an ice block container and eat them on a hot summer day. (we didn't have many days like that this summer, did we....)

who said we need a yeast to make bread? I hardly eat bread that is made with instant yeast. I usually make my sourdough bread with fermented grains. this time I used the same strawberry yeast to make a muffin. I did not add any sweetners, so when I served it I served it with kudzu custard with vanilla and a dash of maple syrup

this is before steaming

and this is after.

it is quite fun seeing the dough become bubblier and rise up. you can use many other fruits and vegetables. Apples and grapes are quite common. but even onions can work as well!

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