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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I read in one of those health magazines the other day about omega3. You know it is important to get this essential nutrients in your diet. If you don't eat fish, where can you get it from?
Omega 3 family include
LNA (flaxseed, hempseed, canola oil, walnuts, butternuts, leafy greens and soy)
EPA (fish, seaweed, microalgae)
DHA (fish, eggs, microalgae)

how much you can convert LNA and EPA into more user friendly DHA depends on your biological chemistry, diet, stage of your life and environment.
If you are vegan or near-vegan, make sure your diet include plenty of plant based LNA, EPA (flaxseed and seaweed are the best!) and try not include so much omega 6 to keep the good balance ratio of omega6 and omega3 (that means stay away from lots of processed food!) The optimal ration is 2:1 - 4:1

There is a great product you can purchase in australia now. I think this is the only DHA oil you can get (except krill oil which is I am not sure vegan)

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