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Sunday, July 31, 2011

group cooking class- winter

Thanks for the wonderful people who came to my group cooking lesson yesterday. Cooking and eating are such basic human activities and doing this together make people come together. We all shared their stories, beliefs and struggles and enjoyed everyones positive energy. Another way to motivate healthier, kinder living.

The menu was...
Piping hot brown rice and amaranth gratin topped with tofu cream
Apple and raisin chutney
Comforting winter chickpea miso soup with kudzu
Raw green and red salad with ginger and ume vinegar dressing

Almond and amazake tart with goji, blue berries and crunchy raw cocoa nibs

I will be running another spring session in September. Also a dessert class of course with no dairy, eggs, refined flour or sugar.

I am also thinking about hosting a lunch, to bring people together.
Let me know if you are interested.


  1. Such an excellent day -thank you, I loved it! Would love to have a lunch also :-)

  2. Dear Shokuiku,
    I have just found your blog/website. I am very interested in macrobiotics and gradual transition from current cooking/eating habits. Please let me know of future events/gatherings