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Monday, July 11, 2011

safe and better way to prepare your healing foods

There are so many foods that have potential to heal and keep you well nourished.
However if you store and prepare many foods in an undesirable way it doesn't only reduce the effectiveness, it could be harmful.
Here are some examples.

- Whole grains.
I soak my grains overnight to promote germinating process and let them sprout a little especially if they are grains that contain gluten. That makes them easier to digest.

Special care needs to be taken when you are washing quinoa. Quinoa is coated with saponins, which protect he seeds from insects and birds. make sure to wash well.

Many oils cannot take high heat. Oils that are high in omega-3, such as flaxseed, walnut oil, should never be heated as the heat changes the chemical structures of the fatty acids and forms free radicals. Even some commonly used oil cannot take the cooking temperature. When high temperatures are involved in cooking the most stable oils are ones that have more saturated fat such as butter, coconut and palm oil.
water-oil sauté method (add oil after cooking the ingredients with a bit water or other liquid) can reduce the temperature and still add the flavour to the cooking.

I keep most of the oil in the fridge, in a dark glass to prevent from oxidisation. Flaxseed oil is kept in the freezer.

-nuts and seeds
The best way to eat nuts and seeds, I think are to soak them over night to initiate the sprouting process, which makes them more digestible. Then dry and eat raw, dehydrate or roast at a lower temperature or cook them.

Thy become easily rancid and can
cause irritation to the lining of the stomach and intestines
contribute poor immunity, cancer and other chronic diseases
destroys vitaF in the food and those stored in the body
cause gall bladder and liver complaints

purchase the nuts and seeds in the shell and /or buy them in a small quantity. I keep them in the fridge.

I do love crunchy nuts as well but sometimes I make fermented nuts/seed dip. The soaked and sometimes sprouted nuts/seeds are blended with miso or rejuvelac then fermented a little. That is easily assimilated an the rancidity and oil are reduced by the fermentation process.

-Beans and legumes

Some people stay away from beans and legumes as they complain about unpleasant effects they experience---gas
There are techniques that alleviate most problems.
start a small amount to build up your enzymes that digest these protein
smaller legumes, such as adzuki, lentils peas and mung beans are easier to digest
always soak the beans
make sure to cook till they are done
discard foam after bringing the legumes to the boil
cook with kombu or kelp
cook with cumin or fennel

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