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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

raw flaxseed cracker

Because I wanted to dehydrate some nuts and the weather is not great for drying in the sun I made flaxseed crackers as well.
they are so easy to make! process flaxseed, water, garlic, my own cured olives (yes they are ready!), beetroot and broccoli in a food processor and spread on a non stick paper. to preserve the enzymes and nutrients I only heat my raw products at 50 degrees or under.
Even though my daughter won't like these crackers. I made her more of fruity one. Together with frozen berries, coconut , almonds and flaxseed meal and dates I hope they are good enough for her selective taste buds. I will see.
I know they are quite yin but my interested in certain raw foods are increasing. It's funny because it is cold and I do have lots of things cooked, there are many studies done to promote more raw foods in the diet. Not only it preserves its nutrients but also heating at high temperature can oxidise many fats, oils and proteins. I can't live without warm soup at the moment and I don't see any reasons to go 100 percent raw I have started to deliberately include raw dishes.
I still think seasonal and local foods are important though. In winter I wouldn't buy bananas to make frozen ice cream even it looks good in a recipe book!

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