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Friday, May 29, 2009

So we know eating whole grains and legumes is so good for you. But do you know how you prepare them properly?
I hear some people complaining about flatulence after a bowl of beans. if that happens to you ask these questions...
do you soak them before cooking?
do you chew them thoroughly?
do you choose the right beans for your body?
do you discard the foam while boiling the beans?
do you cook them with a piece of kombu, fennel or cumin?
the gas from legumes is generated by trisaccharides they contain. The healthy intestines have enzymes to properly break it down. If you are not used to eating beans try starting small. small amounts and smaller beans. It will encourage your body to form the right enzymes. sprouting them will make them even more digestible and nutritious.
don't give up! they are rich sources of potassium, calcium, iron, several B-vitamins. The protein from the legumes can help regulate sugar, water and metabolic balance.
Nothing better than warm rich bean stew in a cold winter night... or a a bowl of sweet adzuki bean zenzai....