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Monday, April 18, 2011

hawaii trip

finally I am in Hawaii!
I had been researching and planning and looking forward to this holiday for a such a long time.
I don't have much at the moment so I will post all about the trip when I get back. But let me tell you I love this place! I went to Big Island first for a week and now I am in honolulu. going to Maui tomorrow. So far Hilo in big island was my favourite. Honolulu is so busy! but I did enjoy the buzz in the city as well. trying new things, eating new things, meeting new people. It has been such a wonderful experience.
Organic is pretty big here as well. lots of local foods and farmers market. there are many organic stores like Down to Earth and Wholefoods. so many new exciting products I cant get in Australia too.
I looove this place!