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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

dinner menu for May 2013

May 2013

first course $12
square onion cracker with sliced tomato marinated in sweet coconut balsamic vinegar and a drop of plant based cream
walnuts and vegetable patties served with olive tapenade

Second course $20
buckwheat colzone filled with welted spinach, marinated creamy broccoli, served with spiced golden berry and mulberry chutney
soft polenta served with chunky tomato and vegetable sauce and smokey eggplant crisp

Side salad $9
leafy and fruity salad with spicy daikon and pear dressing
marinated cabbage and chunky vegetable salad with coconut and cashew raunch dressing

Dessert $10
bitter sweet orange and chocolate torte
banana and coconut pudding with strawberry and blackberry jam
or $46 for three course meal with a side salad

warm drinks
herbal tea $3.00
tonic tea $3.50
herbal coffee - ask for different flavours $3.50 (.50 c extra for our freshly made almond milk)
warm cacao $5.00 (warmed in vitamix only)
warm chai $5.00 (warmed in vitamix only)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

newsletter april

our newsletter for april has just gone out.

have you seen our picture of raw nutella? yes now you can have the recipe in the newsletter this month
also we talk about
- cooking class updates at our cafe ( thank you to those who already booked the session. if you are thinking about joining us, be quick only three spots left for the first class in May)
- have you heard of our next top superfood? cupuacu
-are you suffering from these symptoms - extreme fatigue, mental fogginess, skin condition, digestive upsets? read on to find out about candida

if you have missed out on this issue make sure to sign up for the next one. we have many more things to talk about!
and also if you have any suggestions I would love you to let me know

I feel the winter is so close to us. I am loving the autumn right now. crisp air, clear sky and beautiful colour leaves….
it is time of change and  time to reflect your own self. nurture and be loving to the most important being -YOU

yoko xxx

Monday, April 22, 2013

cooking class update

finally the cooking classes are scheduled.

 Scheduled classes  $90 pp

19th May (Sunday) 4pm-6pm   “simple dessert”  (no dehydration required)
learn to make easy everyday desserts that are healthy and nutrient packed.
You will learn to make simple yet satisfying desserts that can fuel your body and soul. No dehydrating required. we only use sweeteners that are as lose to the nature as possible. (no refined sugars or agave here)

16th June (sunday) 4pm - 6pm  "raw pasta"
make gluten free, grain free pasta using range of vegetables.
make amazing sauces that are perfect for these healthy alternatives.

July 21st  4pm - 6pm “decadent desserts”
more advanced dessert class, include how to use irish moss to make creamy desserts.

august  date will be scheduled soon 4pm - 6pm  “dehydration”
learn how to dehydrate some foods to preserve and make tasty snacks. 

the classes are held at our cafe, 120 high street, northcote, VIC 
please make a booking via email or text your details to 0403569019.

I would like the class to be small and intimate so the place is limited

so excited!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

newsletter march

our newsletter for march has gone out about a week ago.
this month we talked about
-flavours and ingredients to incoporate in Autumm. it is a season when people become dry and may experience lung issues.
-list of the reasons to include 'gynostemma" in your tea selection. anti-oxidant, weight control and many studies have shown to help with many disorders and diseases. Also it tastes mild, a little like green tea so it is really easy to have the tea regularly.
-the water at our cafe is filtered, removing most of fluoride, that is in our tap water. here is why
-recipes include raw blackberry jam that is perfect for your dessert, breakfast and snacks. and raw almond chocolate. so good.

if you have missed out on this issue. make sure to register for the next newsletter, which will be out in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

april dinner menu

We had such wonderful responses from dinner in March.  If you have come more than once to join us at dinner you may have noticed a slight changes every time you come. I can't seem to keep the dishes exactly the same…. just keep wanting to add something or change slightly.

I am excited to post a new menu for april.  We still have some summer vegetables and fruits to play with but definitely moving towards the change in season. hope to see you at the cafe soon xxx

shoku iku dinner menu

all organic
April 2013

first course  $12
curried crapes with julienned apple and zucchini, served with plant based yoghurt sauce
whole tomato, stuffed with sunflower pate, served with walnut pesto

Second course  $20
vegetable ravioli, filled with plant based cream cheese, served with chunky tomato sauce
kelp noodle and vegetable pad thai with sweet and spicy almond sauce and activated teriyaki nuts and seeds

side salad  $9
green leafy salad with vegetable cous cous and red grapes, sered with fig and balsamic vinegar dressing
marinated carrot ribbon salad with creamy curry spiced dressing

Desserts  $10
“poached “strawberry with lucuma and cupuacu sabayon and orange cream
peppermint and chocolate layer cake

or $46  for three course meal with side salad

Warm drinks
herbal tea $3.00
tonic tea $3.50
teeccino (herbal coffee) - ask for different flavours  $3.50 (.50 extra  for our freshly made almond milk)
warm cacao $5.00 (warmed in vitamix only)