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Thursday, September 27, 2012

exciting news! my product.

Please let me share this! because I am so excited!
I have working on this project for a while and finally it is coming together.
I am launching my products.
Yes it is more ego boosting self indulgence kind of thing. And also because I love what I make and wanted to share them with larger audience.
It has not been easy and a learning process because I am fussy with no large sum of money...
However I think these products have shaped well and above my expectations!


All my products contain no dairy or animal products, and free from gluten. Also no sugar added (that means no concentrated syrup such as agave, maple syrup etc. either) made with only the organic "real" foods.

The packaging was also important for me. I wanted everything to be sustainable. I have thought about many different options (within my small budget!) After looking at the computer screen for so so long comparing and sourcing different ideas and products, I have decided on cello bags made with natureflex (renewable and compostable packaging bag) and stickers from labels from distant village (100 percent tree free material , sustainable printing with socially responsible business practice)
As I learnt more about the packaging out there I was amazed. Even the packaging that looked more sustainable are merely the look. But I do understand why though. It does cost a lot more, maybe 3-5 times more, and that is such a shame. I think we should all move towards to more sustainable packaging and make it more affordable.

Anyway along the process I have dealt with many inspirational people and I thank everyone who have involved in the process.
I am also in a process of getting these products certified organic. still getting all the paperwork sorted. (it is not simple! but I am getting there...)

thanks for expressing the interested in becoming one of the reviewers. I had more responses than excepted and very grateful...
the products have ben sent and look forward to hearing the thoughts!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

raw bread with oats, lotus root and hemp seeds

when I am talking to people who are currently on mainly raw diet, I have noticed common things that they miss. Dairy products and bread.
there are many great raw recipes and products for crackers but raw breads are harder to find.
I am not really a bread person but I do sometimes crave for things that are dry and dense. 
I have made raw bread a few times but this is actually quite nice. 
sprouted and dehydrated oat flour, sunflower meal, dry lotus root, hemp seeds and chia seeds.
heaps denser than mainstream fluffy bread that you may miss... but the texture here is a bit like those essene bread. very satisfying and filling


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Monday, September 10, 2012

just my sad self on my daughter's birthday

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to be one of stall holders at this amazing event, Kindered Sprit festival. It was a festival to celebrate music movement and meditation with many workshops, yoga, musical and art performances etc.
The line-up was quite amazing with international diversity.
Many stall holders there were great as well. Some I knew before but many I am glad to connect for the first time.

If you know me personally it was also my daughter's birthday on Sunday. When I was asked to do the festival I didn't think I was going to for that reason.  For children there are a few days in a year that they get so excited about. Birthday is one of them. For me, as her mother, it is the time for celebrating the birth of the most precious thing in my life and reflection on what I have.

I changed my mind when I found out that my daughter and her father already made a plan for her birthday celebration without my knowledge. Realising that I was not going to wake up with her in the morning of her birthday, I went into my usual way to avoid pain.  "distraction"
We do things for two purposes in life, either for pleasure or pain. My decision to do the festival mainly was so that I wouldn't have time to focus on the fact that I was not going to be there with her. I am not sure if my strategy is a positive thing but it does work. But sooner or later it does come back to you. Overwhelming sadness for some things that happened in the last 9 years and self doubt about if I am a good enough mother or not hit me last night. When I picked her up I had an enormous guilty feeling that Layla could not have her mum and dad together to celebrate anymore. I held her tight and said to her "happy birthday. Sorry I couldn't be with you today. Did you have good time?" and could hardly chock back my tears. She hugged me back and reassured me that she did and said this to me. " I missed you but I knew you were with me wherever you were."

Happy birthday to my angel...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

spring eating macrobiotic way

Wow, finally spring is here. It seemed like the weather chaged so suddenly in the last couple of days.
At every seasonal change it is a good time to look at our eating patterns to accommodate our needs. As the the environment around us changes how and what we eat should change as well.

In Spring, there are rising and upward energy everywhere. No wonder... spring is a new beginning for many plants and animals.
For us it is a good time to cleanse. some may decide to do a simple fasting to get rid of the heavy foods that you may have consumed over the cold months. ( I certainly did!)

Food that is good for Spring is
with upward energy
 - young shoots of vegetables, green leafy vegetables dandelion is one of my favourite in spring!)
these are often quite pungent in flavour as well.
-sour foods
foods such as lemons, umeboshi is great as it helps to dissolve fatty elements of food
pungent food
- many pungent herbs can be used. such as
 fennel, marjoram, rosemary, caraway, dill etc.
raw and sprouted food
if you are cooking, it is best cooked for a short time in a lighter style. (quick saute or light steaming)

Of course you need to consider your own constitute as well.

This is the time to give attention to your true nature. go for a walk! moderate excise daily gives you refreshing and upward energy.