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Saturday, May 26, 2012

still raw, vegan, organic and now agave free truffles

My raw chocolate  truffles have been my signature product for a long time. lots of people love them and no wander as they are so delicious. However I have to confess I haven't been too happy with the product for a while now. As I knew more about the  sweetener (agave nectar) that I was using for the truffles and reported negative effects and about scientific studies I found, I was feeling less excited about my truffles.
I don't want to list why I decided not to use agave nectar in any of my products, as there are many great, respectable companies use them and that is their decision. I just decided not to for my own reasons.
It was kind of awkward decision for me. They were like my little babies who I started making them at very early stage of my business. I thought about not making them anymore. Then I changed my mind. I have adjusted the ingredients and now they are agave free as well. Still raw, vegan and organic.
Due to more labour intensive process and ingredient change I have no choice but to increase the price. Please don't put off by it, do try one and let me know what you think.

Monday, May 21, 2012

buddha's day and multicultural festival

I was honoured to have an opportunity to do a cooking demonstration at Buddha's day and multicultural festival at Federation square.
Some Buddhists choose to become vegetarian out of respect for all life and the First Buddhist precept of non-violence and killing. Becoming a vegetarian also allows Buddhists to cultivate compassion.

My session was from 12:30 till 1:30. Even though it had been raining in the morning we had a bit of sunshine coming thorough the clouds by the time I started.

I demonstrated these three dishes
- raw cauliflower and sweet potato couscous with brazilnut parmesan
- simple lentil hotpot with coconut
- apple layers with carob caramel and pistachio

Unfortunately because of the health regulations there was no tastings allowed but I had so much positive feedbacks from the participants as well as volunteers.

I certainly enjoyed the demonstration as well as talking to the volunteers. They are all so sweet and helpful, making the whole experience easy and pleasant. 

it is on every year so if you missed it this year make sure to put that in your diary.