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Friday, May 27, 2011

colds and flus

Ok, I admit.
As much as I lead a healthy lifestyle I do get sick sometimes.
Though its not often and it is usually not too severe being sick is very annoying.... on the positive side, it is the time for reflection and taking it easy a bit more.

I don't like to take conventional medicine. I try to heal myself with natural foods and herbs.

throughout the day whenever I have a meal I'd chop up a couple of garlic. Garlic's anti-viral properties are well documented. It is unfortunate that is not so social... (especially raw!)

Echinacea is great to strengthen immune system and is also anti-viral.

Olive leaf extract is a great source of cell protecting antioxidant. It is used traditionally to relieve fever.

Lotus root will relieve a sore throat.

some herbs that are diaphoretic
desert tea
cayenne red pepper
fresh ginger root

Intake of Vitamin C and bioflavonoid-rich food such as cabbage is very important.
other useful foods are

To induce sweating I have a drink with
3tbs grated daikon
1tbs grated ginger
1tsp ume (japanese plum) concentrate
hot water

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new shop

another shop that stocks my truffles!
Busy organic deli on degraves street has decided to take my truffles as well. Be sure to check the shop out when you are in the city!

28 Degraves street,
Melbourne 3000
(03) 96545157

Saturday, May 14, 2011

brown rice

As some may know brown rice is considered almost the "perfect food" in macro world. well I have to say no food is "perfect". there are many other minerals and vitamins that doesn't have in brown rice, that you'd have to have for optimal health.
However understanding between white and brown rice will give you some idea why I insist on whole foods diet.

To refine brown rice into white rice these incredible nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants are removed..

effects on lowering high blood sugar levels
has 70 anti-oxidants that can protect against cellular damage and preserve youthfulness. (e.g. vitamin E)
potent antioxidant, it neutralises oxidation of fats and oils.
counteracts cholesterol excess
complex carbohydrates that stimulates immunity and control high blood sugar.
formidable antioxidant, stregens the musculature of the body while converting fat to lean body mass
promotes liver restoration, slowing aging process and converts glucose to energy
enzyme that reduces mucous excesses, boosts respiratory function, and helps detoxify the body
antioxidant enzyme to treat cataracts, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and many symptoms of premature aging
treats problems of the cellular mitochondria. burns fat into energy. protects mitochondrial DNA
potent antioxidant that facilitate wound healing, strengthen the arteries, veins and capillaries and improves blood circulation.
important substance for proper function of the brain, nerves and cell membranes.
composed of essential fatty acids including omega-3 and 6, choline and B vitamins.
helps increase absorption of vitamin A
inhabits a calming nature

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

green cleaning

Ok, I admit it.
cleaning is definitely not my favourite thing. There are so many other things I would rather do instead. However it doesn't mean that I like my house untidy either. Sometimes we do need to tidy up and clean..

Today I have had a enough with the dirty shower that hasn't been cleaned properly for too long.
I don't like using harsh chemicals when I am cleaning. Especially when you have to touch it, smell it and see it going down the drain, into our water and soil.
There are green alternatives. They are not only good for the environment and your health, they are also effective, easy to use and inexpensive.
Natural products I stock for cleaning
-Bicarb soda
-tea tree oil
-eucalyptus oil

a good sponge for scrubbing, a few rag (maybe cut out from your old cloths) and an old toothbrush are all you'd need for most of the general cleaning purposes.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hawaii trip2

I am back in melbourne after 3 week holiday in Hawaii. I wished the time would last forever and didn't have to come back. I wished II could stay there and forget about all the worries and troubles I would have to face once I am back in Melbourne ( reality...). I knew at the same time that it is not possible and also that is not good for me to ignore them.
The trip was a great experience for me and my daughter.
Here are some things that we did.

Bishop museum (fascinating exhibition on the people and cultures on the different pacific islands, life in and out of the waters. It also had a special exhibition on dinosaurs.
-Swimming at one of the most famous beaches in the world, Waikiki beach
-Lolani palace, where King Kalakaua and his sister and successor queen Liliuokalani lived
- Going for a walk, browsing shops and street performers and artists after dinner.
Sampling some good foods in Hawaii
Going for a tropical bush walks.
-Learning about volcanoes and how Hawaii was formed
-watching Hula dancers and pacific dancers perform
-exploring Hawaii's tropical fish turtles, jellyfish and other ocean life at Ocean centre in Maui
-Collecting and touching rocks and little creatures in a rock pool
-going to farmers markets, where beautiful local and some organic foods are sold
-drinking fresh coconut juice and eating bananas, papayas, mangos and avocados that are just dropped from a tree
-seeing some amazing water falls and scenery
-eating famous rainbow shaved ice
going for a horse riding in a bush
-my daughter didi a dolphin quest where she could touch, swim and kiss dolphins
-learning a few hawaiian words
-having more time to communicate and understand what's going on with my daughter's life, enjoying her company
-seeing my mum for the first time in a year and half. Catching up with her was one of the main reasons of this holiday

I have tio say one of the things I enjoyed was going to a natural organic stores. There are plenty of them in Hawaii and products that are stocked there are so exciting. I could find all the things that I find in Australia and all the other things that are new and I haven't heard of.
There are lots of raw food products.
Many such stores have vegetarian deli sections they are always busy and it is easy to see and taste why.....