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Friday, August 27, 2010

baby carrots from the garden

My daughter was complaining about eating carrots lately. coming back from school with carrots left in her lunch box.
But not these baby carrots. She pulled them out herself and washed them with rain water outside, then eating them and wanting more.
It is what is all about, isn't it? Growing your own food is not only good for reducing your carbon footprint it is so much more convenient and taste so much better.
maybe , I thought, that is why kids are not eating much vegetables these days. The most have lost their real taste and not appealing to children's sensitive taste.

We also had bok choy from our garden for dinner tonight!

Monday, August 9, 2010


If you don't take fermented dairy foods such as cheese and yorghurt like me there are other fermented foods available. Miso, Tamari, shoyu, vinegar and pickles all have healthy intestinal bacteria, which can assist you with the digestion of foods and also are known to produce antibiotic substances.

I made nuka pickles the other day. It is with grounded brown rice, salt and miso that is fermented. All you need to do is bury some vegetables. root vegetables work the best. Here I have raddish, turnip and daikon.

miso making

You can get good quality miso in australia too. However there is nothing better than home made miso! (I think... this is my first time.)
I have collected a couple of recipes from different sources but they are pretty simple. I cheated by using a food processor to mash the beans so maybe this is not as traditional as it could be...
Oh well, I will see how this goes.
The miso will be rested for 3 months from now and stirred once. It will be ready to be eaten from 6 months.

All you need is
good organic soy beans

One of the advantage of making your own miso (or any fermented products) is that the miso will take on and cultivates the various micro-organisms that are part and parcel of the ecological system in which it is produced. It reflects the miicroflora of those who grow it and in turn it recreates and intestinal flora that is compatible with and in harmony with the ecology of which they are part.