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Saturday, July 11, 2009


I have just finished a book called Eating with the Seasons by Paula Bartimeus. It is not a macrobiotic book but there is a great amount of useful information in the book. she talks about the inportance of seasonal ingredients, cooking methods, yin and yang, warming and cooling foods etc.

Another book is 'How to see your health:the book of oriental diagnosis' by Michio Kushi. He has written over 5o books on macrobiotics and this is one of very fascinating ones. It is a diagnosis method that tells you various conditions by looking at someone's physical characters. I knew what you eat and environment you are in at present influence how you look and feel. But even before you are born (what your mother was eating when you are inside her tummy) could influence how you look and your tasting buds!? It was a very interesting read.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As some might have noticed, my website has been hacked into.. noticed, my website has been hacked into....
I will get it fixed as soon as possible but occasion like this reminds me of my incapability of anything to do with the technology. very unfortunate...
sorry about that.

I was listening to an interview with Michio Kushi the other day. There is so much more than macrobiotic diet. "Even you are sitting down, chewing organic brown rice for the hundred times, avoid all the extreme foods that burden your body and soul if you tend to citicise others and not being humble you cannot call yourself macrobitician."
take it one moment at a time...