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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

my shop opening

finally happening now.
My shop/cafe is going to open this Friday (1st feb 2013)
it has been such a journey and I am sure it will go on.
there are lots of bits and pieces I still have to organise but I just couldn't wait any longer.
limited hours and menu this week but I should be able to be more organised from next week.

I am getting the shop ready and cooking at the same time! just not much time but love the every minutes of it.  yes I am tired and often things can get stressful but I am so excited and happy now. How fortunate to be able to follow my dreams and do this. How I became and still becoming to be stronger and more centred person that I always wanted to be. I am so grateful for all the experiences that lead me  to where I am, and also all these people who supported me and guided me along the way.

Menu example
superior smoothies with super foods, super herbs such as E3 live, macs, marine phytoplankton, mesquite, cacao,noni, fo-ti, astragalus etc.
super food gelato
tonic tea
raw desserts (of course)
freshly made salad
daily specials

I would love to see you soon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

january newsletter

January newsletter is out now!

importance of vitamin D, irish moss - is it really inflammatory to your body?recipe for basic almond milk and carob cookies.

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I have been so busy lately to update my blog I know! I feel that I am going to get busier with my shop opening! (in case you didn't know, I am so close to opening my own place in a couple of weeks! It is in northcote, melbourne.)
lots of smoothies, tonic beverages made with super food, super herbs, decadent and healthy raw desserts, snacks and greatest salads.
Our space was created with sustainability in mind using stunning timbers which are recycled, reclaimed or from FSC (Forest stewardship council), and other sustainable materials, such as energy efficient lights, bio degradable packagings, as much as possible.
I can't wait to meet you in person xxx