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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Le paysan

We travelled to Kagawa in Shikoku Island to try out this vegetarian french restaurant, Le paysan
They sometimes use dairy but they have lots of things without it.
the food was fantastic!
You know when you go to a restaurant and order something. and then you think "I can make that easy and probably it will taste better...."
well, this was NOT it! the dish was very creative and you could
tell they spent lots of time and effort and of course took the skill
to prepare all the dishes.
the staff was knowledgeable and friendly.
enjoyed the experience a lot.

soba noodle sushi

tried sushi with 100 percent soba noodles. you think it's strange?
it was really good. and it was actually easier than using rice too.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

after the conference we went back to Tokyo and did a bit of touristy stuff.

there was the earth market happening too. We bought packets of sun-dried Shitake flakes, which I never come across before! My daughter is not a big fan of mushroomy things but this she liked it.

I also bought a shirt made of bamboo fabric. Bamboo is an excellent material to use because they grow pretty quickly.

We had a lunch at Brown Rice Cafe deli. very interesting menus. hard to decide what to buy but very happy with our decision in the end. japanese style lunch box and brown rice inari topped with roasted veges. yummmmm

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the entrance

The home for the next three nights.

It was bigger than I expected. Knowing that we were to share the house with another person I was relieved to meet this gentle lady from Kyoto. Unfortunately we didn't have much time to do much once we got back to the house as it was always late after intensive days at the conference.

surrounded by thick old trees.